Emergency Relief

In refugee crises all over the world, UNHCR Canada helps to provide emergency relief.

Photo: © UNHCR/Ritzau Scanpix

Rapid Response Emergency Aid and Disaster Relief

When disaster relief is needed, UNHCR sends emergency aid and our staff members to anywhere in the world. Our team often manage many emergencies at once and – because of the commitment of our donors – we can deploy within 72 hours of an emergency. Our staff are trained to work in challenging situations to help ensure that refugees have the shelter, care and protection they need to survive. Read more about UNHCR’s work in current emergency situations.

269 trained staff from emergency standby rosters were deployed to emergencies in 2019

Meeting Refugee Survival Needs

Refugee families flee with little notice, and with few to no belongings. Often finding themselves in harsh conditions, their needs are immense. UNHCR helps provide families with life-saving support. UNHCR provides refugees with shelter, setting up camps for thousands of people. We also provide other materials for housing, cash assistance and the basics – such as blankets, sleeping mats, soap, clothing, heaters and more.

In 2020, we were able to provide close to 3 million blankets and 1.6 million sleeping mats to refugees and displaced people

Providing Health and Nutrition

Diseases and illnesses can spread quickly in the places where refugees live. When families do not have proper access to clean water and sanitation products, they can succumb more quickly to treatable and preventable diseases. UNHCR ensures that health and nutrition programs are launched to keep refugee families healthy. UNHCR works with partners to supply clean water and food, setting up sanitation programs to help refugees have access to health care services. Learn more about UNHCR’s work in healthcare.

98% of monitored refugee sites met the international standard for infant mortality

Offering Safety

UNHCR is mandated to protect refugees and displaced persons. We work to help ensure that people’s rights are respected and that refugees are not forced to return to countries where they are in danger. UNHCR offers protection and legal assistance with the goal of reducing threats of violence. UNHCR works with our partners to keep refugees safe by providing essential services and opportunities.

82.4 million people are forcibly displaced worldwide

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