It took seconds for the lives of millions of refugees to change. And it takes a second ​to share the blessings of Ramadan with a family who lost everything. This Ramadan, #EveryGiftCounts.

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As Muslims gather in their homes around the world, many refugee families are observing the holy month of Ramadan away from their homes. Your support this Ramadan will be a symbol of solidarity and hope to refugees and displaced people worldwide.

This Ramadan, whether through Sadaqah or Zakat, we ask for your help to share the blessings of the Holy month. Share the blessings of Ramadan today. #EveryGiftCounts

Your Zakat

Through its Refugee Zakat Fund, UNHCR has become the first major agency of its type to provide an efficient, trusted route for people to fulfil their giving obligations. All Zakat funds received by UNHCR are strictly dedicated to compliant cash assistance programs, which complements other aid provided by UNHCR.

Zakat Calculator

As the third pillar of Islam, Zakat is mandatory for adult Muslims who fall over the threshold of Nisab. Use our Zakat calculator to quickly determine how much you should give. Calculate your Zakat based on currency, including gold, silver, cash or stocks.

UNHCR’s Zakat Fund is a trusted, compliant and effective distributor harnessing the power of Zakat to transform the lives of refugees, including in hard-to-reach areas.

UNHCR’s Refugee Zakat Fund is Zakat compliant, backed by fatwas from leading scholars and institutions, including the Canadian Council of Imams (CCIM)
UNHCR is a trusted agent to fulfill your Zakat obligations
The Zakat fund is an effective way to help refugees
  • Through the Refugee Zakat Fund, your support for refugees facing hardship is felt immediately by those most in need in the form of cash and in-kind assistance.
  • UNHCR operates an expansive cash and in-kind distribution network in many countries. Zakat this year can be distributed in countries including Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Mauritania, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, and Nigeria.
  • For distribution of cash assistance, ATMs, IRIS scan, mobile wallets, and other technologies are used to deliver Zakat to the most vulnerable eligible refugees and IDPs.

Why should I give my Sadaqah to UNHCR?

Your Sadaqah is an act of solidarity with a community that is in need of our collective support. The Holy Qur’an instructs Muslims to give protection to those who need it. UNHCR will act as an intermediary to deliver aid to the most vulnerable families in order to meet their most basic needs.

Stories of Ramadan

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GiveZakat App Information

GiveZakatUNHCR’s Refugee Zakat Fund launched the mobile arm of the fund, the GiveZakat app in 2020 due to an increase in digital philanthropy.

The mobile app allows donors to calculate Zakat, track their donations, donate both Zakat and Sadaqah funds easily and securely and set monthly Sadaqah donations for refugees and IDPs. Your donation through GiveZakat will be distributed by the Refugee Zakat Fund which is a credible, Sharia compliant, and effective distributor of Zakat and Sadaqah, as endorsed by respected Islamic institutions and scholars globally.

Download our new GiveZakat mobile app to help millions of refugee families who rely on Zakat and Sadaqah donations for shelter, healthcare, education and vital cash assistance.

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